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Become Part of the flexiPT Community

At FlexiPT, we know that fitness is more than just a workout. It's about community and sharing our common goals and struggles. That's why we invite you to join our community and follow us on social media for expert tips, life hacks, and a glimpse into our daily routines balancing three young kids and maintaining our fitness. We are more than just coaches; we are a family, and we would love for you to be a part of it.


-Justin always has an incredible work ethic. He has a great sense of humour and always greets you with a smile. He encourages you to enjoy your fitness journey and celebrates all the small achievements with you.


- Justin has a great understanding of nutrition and exercise. He continues to learn and grow so he support all his clients in an individual way. He was great at myth-busting so much of the misinformation shared among the fitness industry, allowing me to be less overwhelmed by my fitness journey and appreciate it more. He supported my recovery from disordered eating, which genuinely improved my mental health through fun workouts.


- Justin understands the importance of a balanced mindset. He will always encourage you to eat what you enjoy in moderation, not cut food groups, train to feel strong (and not over-do it) and incorporate mobility training so you feel your best self. He insists you speak to him about your favourite type of workout and incorporates that to the plan so every session feels like fun.


FAVOURITE memory was him playing basketball with me and cooking it in the court.


My future goal is to maintain my health and fitness by doing workouts that I enjoy with the limited time I have


- Justin is a good listener  with no judgement to help you achieve what you want.


- Justin is good at pushing you to achieve your goals, plus more than than you think you can achieve.


- Justin is good at pushing you out of your comfort zone without feeling uncomfortable.


- He is very inclusive and adapts all workouts to your capability.


My favourite memory with Justin was when he talked me into doing a half marathon and came along with me. It is an achievement that I am still very proud of, and he was there every step of the way to get me across the finish line.

To get ready for this run, I was the fittest i had ever been in my life. While training for a trail run, I had gone to Justin for some training tips as my body was not coping well with all the training sessions I was doing. I couldn't work out why. To find out it wasn't my training techniques at all why my body wasn't keeping up, it was in fact because I was actually pregnant and coming to the end of my first trimester as well and my body was letting me know i was just missing all the signs. This was my biggest achievement ever as I had never been able to fall pregnant naturally. So, due to me meeting Justin and him, assisting me to become the fittest i had ever been in my life which led to a 20kg loss. This all played a huge part in me having my second daughter, which I will be forever grateful for.


Hi Justin, 3 things I like about working with Justin are:

1. He's flexible about my disability and willing to work around that and try all sorts of different techniques and exercises. 

2. He's goal oriented and I’m like “I just want to maintain mobility” and Justin was willing to work with that and I think we’ve figured out some goals along the way! 

3. He knows when I’m trying and putting in the effort. 


My favourite memory is when I can get up the step and that I’m getting better. Also going on a walk and getting up a really steep hill! 


Future goal: getting up my current step more consistently. Maybe increasing the height again or going up a set of steps with no hand rail.


The main reasons that I enjoy working with Justin are

- supportive

- encourages to step outside of the comfort zone but always knows we can do it.

- motivates me to keep going even when I think I can't do it during parkruns


Your favourite memory

- there are waaay too many parkrun car rides to choose just one


And your future goal

- be able to run a full 5km parkrun without resting/walking


Your inspiration still has me fighting my Rheumatoid arthritis...I walk 7kms in 1hr 40 most days, stopping a couple of times, to stretch n mobilise aching hips n thighs, then press on.  Thankyou.



3 things I liked about working with Justin. 

That he's really approachable. 

Has a really positive attitude which was helpful for me in my moments of self doubt. 

That he's were excited about my goals and even more so wheb I achieve them. 


My favourite memories whilst working with Justin was when I achieved my first sub 30 at Lochiel parkrun and my second was when I first ran all of Wynn Vale Drive while training for Point to Pinnacle (Australia's hardest half marathon)last year. 


"I had never used an Online Coach before Justin but I'm glad I signed up. My favourite part of the experience has been the 7-day support offered. Knowing that assistance is available every day has instilled a sense of commitment and accountability in my fitness journey. Justin's responsiveness has been incredible, providing quick answers to queries and adjustments to my training plan. It's not just about the workouts; it's the peace of mind knowing that expert guidance is just a message away. "


The great thing about working with Justin is his positive attitude. He believes in me and encourages me to believe in myself. Justin makes it feel as though we are going through this journey together all the way. 


Funniest thing I remember is the look on his face when I met him for a walk with my cat in a pink backpack on my back. 


My goal is to get back into double digits. Then to hit my ideal weight.


- Justin listens to what I want to achieve

- He helps me set goals and sometimes stretch goals

- Shows great care and empathy for all of his clients 

My fav memory is when we were running a 50km ultra through the Monarto zoo and I was looking for the giraffes, I couldn’t see them but Justin pointed them out to me and took photos.


Justin kept me going even when I thought I couldn’t go any further.


Justin was my photographer and my encourager from start to finish, how awesome is that!


I enjoy: the variety of models to work in (hiit vs pilates vs traditional body weight workouts) the reminders to celebrate the small wins,  the honest reminder to get results we have to put the work in (reality checks are worth it) 


My favourite memory was realising that the work was paying off and my body was finally starting to move more naturally


Future goal is to be able to do the Dopey challenge (Bike Race) again one day, and be strong from day 1 to day 4.

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